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​2016 List of Required Logs for Doctors of Chiropractic

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As we healthcare providers have been warned that HIPAA audits will begin this year, it is clear that now is the time to get prepared.

I've received several questions since the chiropractic audits announcement about which logs are required to be maintained in chiropractic offices.  The list below is a comprehensive guide to what your office must maintain - review this carefully with your staff to ensure that everyone is informed and prepared.

The following list of activity logs was compiled from various governmental regulations including HIPAA regulations, OSHA regulations and others. 

This may seem like a daunting list, but most logs are only required quarterly or even annually. The primary purpose is to document:

  • Required activities were performed
  • What was discovered or occurred
  • Who documented it

List of Required Logs for Chiropractic Practices

  1. Medical Records Transfer Log
  2. Referral Log
  3. Compliance Training Log
  4. Business Associate Agreement Log
  5. Inquiry Log
  6. Office Key Log (may also need a log of password changes if you have an electronic security system.)
  7. Staff Training Log
  8. Individual Employee Training Log
  9. Annual Personnel File Audit Log
  10. Compliance Audits Log
  11. Safety Training Log
  12. Safety Review Log
  13. X-ray Daily Log

compiled by Don Cross, DC

Our compliance manual system includes all of these logs integrated into the Policy and Procedures Manual which details how these are maintained.

The ObamaCare Compliance Manual System was designed for our smaller offices, with less than 15 employees. The system is designed to make becoming completely compliant as simple as possible. If you do not have an up-to-date policy and procedure manual for your office, this is a cost effective method to prepare a complete customizable program for your office.

Don M. Cross, DC

Certified Professional Compliance Officer  

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