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​Wrapping up 2016 and Ramping up for 2017

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2016 is almost over, are you ready for the New Year? 

  • Have you completed all the required self-audits that must be performed at least once per year? 
  • Do the new regulations for Section 1557 of the ACA affect your practice? 
  • Do you know where to get all the free resources? 
  • Join Dr. Cross as he reviews the “to do” list for wrapping up 2016. Between the labor law changes, and new compliance and operational policies and procedures requirements it is easy to let something slip through the cracks. Let Dr. Cross help you finish 2016 confidently and then prepare for 2017. 

    Have you decided how you are going to handle MACRA in 2017? 

    Your success with these new changes requires planning ahead. Dr. Cross will briefly outline your choices so you can start your planning.  Register now the next DC Compliance webinar and tackle your chiropractic compliance issues for 2017!

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