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Chiropractic Compliance "Checklist for Success"

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Brace yourselves...Audits are coming!  

At the beginning of each New Year, every clinic needs to review its operations according to the following checklist. Review this list ASAP to ready yourself and your staff. Keep all documentation in case of a HIPAA Audit.

Checklist for Success

  1. Annual Risk Assessment - Completed by the Compliance Officer
    Problem areas to review carefully:

      ▪ Password Policy

      ▪ Off-site back-up of data base (viable as well as current)

      ▪ All software is up-to-date on all updates/patches

      ▪ Anti-Virus is up to date

      ▪ Check time limit on all screen savers

      ▪ Check Business Associate Agreements

      ▪ Employee Training Log up-to-date (attestation, logging, etc.)

      ▪ Review Audit Logs (completed, CAP’s completed?)

           -Chart Audits

           -Billing Procedures Audit

           -Billing Compliance Audit

           -Documentation Audit

           -Training Logs Audit

           -Log Reviews

       ▪ Physical Security Assessment (complete walk-through)

       ▪ Privacy Policies (posted and on website, signed receipts?)

  2. Employee files reviewed - current address, phone numbers, W-4’s

  3. Website review

  4. Annual Safety Review (OSHA)

    ▪ First Aid kit needs restocking?

    ▪ Fire Extinguishers current?

    ▪ Safety Training completed and Logged?

  5. Policy and Procedure Manuals review

    ▪ Changes needed?

    ▪ Attestations current?

    ▪ Attestations in employee files?

    ▪ Log it!

  6. Review all logs to confirm that they are accurate and up-to-date!

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