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Chiropractic Compliance Checklist

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It's a New Year and there are more compliance requirements for chiropractors to incorporate into their practices.

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Compliance expert, Don Cross, DC, CPCO, has developed a chiropractic compliance checklist.

The beginning of the year is the best time to review the self-audits schedule and set yourself up for compliance without stress.

Have you and your staff created a list of everything you have to do? It’s better to fix any problems now, rather than being audited and then finding a big problem. 

Watch this new webinar video to learn everything attention to set the stage for a very successful year.

It's helpful to have these at your fingertips when you watch the video:

a. Risk Assessment

b. Audit calendar 

We will be reviewing common problem areas that should be revealed during the self-audit process. Double checking to see that everything was completed last year, including any corrective action plans.

Asset Location: Audit & Assessment Tools 

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