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Overtime Changes on Hold


Overtime Changes on Hold.

Five days before businesses across the country were to change their over-time procedures, the U.S. District Judge from the Eastern District of Texas, Amos Mazzant III, granted a motion for a nationwide injunction halting the Department of Labor changes. 

Although the injunction is only a temporary measure to allow the judge time to rule on the merits of the case, many experts have said that the language Judge Mazzant used indicates he may strike down the regulation changes.The Labor Department issued a statement saying it “strongly disagreed” with the decision and was “considering all of our legal options.” This raises the possibility of an appeal in the last days of the Obama administration. 

Many experts agree that it is unlikely that the issue will be decided before the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Trump. During the presidential campaign, Trump commented concerning the new salary limit, “We would love to see a delay or a carve-out of sorts for our small business owners." Due to the length of the appeals process and the timing of the inauguration, Mr. Trump and his pick for Secretary of Labor will probably determine if the new regulation ever goes into effect in one form or another.

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Dr. Don M. Cross is a Certified Professional Compliance Officer and leader in the chiropractic profession. A professor at Palmer Chiropractic College-Florida focusing on the business of practice, he’s served as President of the Florida Chiropractic Association and VP of the Council of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA). In his effort to help doctors survive and thrive under the coming changes in healthcare, he created the OCCM Chiropractic Compliance Manual. He may be contacted through www.ChiropracticCompliance.com

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