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Compliance Tips to Increase Your Profitability

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Compliance tips for a better bottom line

how to prepare for an insurance auditHaving an office that’s compliant can increase profitability, as opposed to decreasing it. Good business practices means compliant process in a smoothly operating operation, and so should actually increase your bottom line, putting more money in your pocket.

Dr. Cross explains the advantages of operating a compliant and profitable office. And sleep better with sound business practices, avoiding the anxiety of failing an audit when they show up at your front door.

Dr. Cross will help you start your success with the new changes and required planning. You'll need the Chiropractic Compliance Program to implement these tips effectively -  choose the CD or download version here

Presentation by our compliance expert: Dr. Don Cross, DC, Certified Professional Compliance Officer

Host: Dr. Steven Weiniger,  PosturePractice.com

Sponsor:  Chiro1Source.com

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Here's What Your DC Compliance Program Must Include

Dr. Don Cross, chiropractor and Certified Professional Compliance Officer discusses the ChiropracticCompliance.com Program.Your DC practice compliance program must include manuals for operations/admin, human resources, safety and compliance.  Choosing the ChiropracticCompliance.com Program means you have an easy to customize system that comes with not only manuals, but your required forms, training logs, audit logs and checklists as well [...]

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2017 Compliance Checklist - The Essentials

Some HealthCare rules are expected to change with the new administration in Washington, but other’s won’t (or can’t).  MACRA, HIPAA, and HITECH are unrelated to “ObamaCare” (aka the Affordable Care Act). Regulations from OSHA safety and Medicare remain regardless, and some requirements are not possible to change. What’s important, what’s in limbo, and what’s likely to go off into the sunset? [...]

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Overtime Changes on Hold

Overtime Changes on Hold. Five days before businesses across the country were to change their over-time procedures, the U.S. District Judge from the Eastern District of Texas, Amos Mazzant III, granted a motion for a nationwide injunction halting the Department of Labor changes.  Although the injunction is only a temporary measure to allow the judge time to rule on the merits of [...]

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​Wrapping up 2016 and Ramping up for 2017

2016 is almost over, are you ready for the New Year?  Have you completed all the required self-audits that must be performed at least once per year?  Do the new regulations for Section 1557 of the ACA affect your practice?  Do you know where to get all the free resources?  Join Dr. Cross as he reviews [...]

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Why You DO Need a Compliance Manual

Why do I need a compliance manual with policies and procedures to be HIPAA compliant? Growing up I was one of those kids who was always asking, “Why?”  My parents would sometimes lose their patience and reply back “Because I told you to!”  Today I sometimes get that same “why” question from doctors who are frustrated with all the [...]

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​2016 List of Required Logs for Doctors of Chiropractic

As we healthcare providers have been warned that HIPAA audits will begin this year, it is clear that now is the time to get prepared.I've received several questions since the chiropractic audits announcement about which logs are required to be maintained in chiropractic offices.  The list below is a comprehensive guide to what your office [...]

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Chiropractic Compliance "Checklist for Success"

Brace yourselves...Audits are coming!   At the beginning of each New Year, every clinic needs to review its operations according to the following checklist. Review this list ASAP to ready yourself and your staff. Keep all documentation in case of a HIPAA Audit. Checklist for Success Annual Risk Assessment - Completed by the Compliance Officer      Problem areas to [...]

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Chiropractic Compliance Program Review

Getting compliant is obviously a big relief and weight off your shoulders.  The good news is that we've made it as painless and easy as possible with the Chiropractic Compliance Package. See this review from a Compliant Community member.

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​We ain’t all bad apples…

We ain’t all bad apples…Love my grammar? This was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Dr. Ron Short’s article in Dynamic Chiropractic a couple of weeks ago. If you didn’t catch the article, please read it. It’s worth your time. Here’s the link http://www.dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=57547. The article’s title is “Targeting the Bad Apples in the [...]

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