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That 1 Year Grace Period to Get Your Practice Compliant? It Ended.

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Watch now: How Do You Know If You're Compliant

Your Grace Period Is Over

How do you know if you are compliant? This is a question you may have been seeing in advertising emails and blog posts lately. With the problems with attesting for Meaningful Use, it has gotten a lot of media attention. One question I get from my clients, “is there an agency or government certifying body that you can go to in order to be HIPAA compliant?” Unfortunately, there is no body that can certify that you are compliant. HIPAA is a self-certification, so your compliance is based upon your own internal audits.

Have you been receiving emails or seeing blog posts about the September 23, 2014 deadline? For offices using the ObamaCare Compliance Manual, you don’t have to worry. We took care of it for you.

Basically when the updates went into effect September 23 of 2013, if you did not update your Business Associates Agreements at that time, you were given “a grace period” of one year to bring them into compliance. The BAA that is part of ObamaCare Compliance Manual Set (OCCM) included those updates. This is just another thing that you don’t have to worry about since you are using the OCCM.

If you are using the  OCCM manual with the included self-audits and following the audit calendar, then again you don’t have to worry about it. That’s what the OCCM is all about.

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