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Compliance Program

Chiropractic Compliance Program - No monthly fees, no consultant fees, nothing else to buy.

Chiropractors must have written manuals to:

• Actively monitor the security of all patient health records               • Ensure measures are taken to prevent fraud and abuse
• Document billing procedures are strictly followed                           • Hiring standards to prevent PHI exposure to felons, etc.
• Ongoing staff training improve security & decrease fraud                • All actions must be documented 

Our program establishes policies and procedures for chiropractors to meet requirements for HIPAA, OSHA, EEOC, ADA, and the other government regulations for small offices (under 15 employees). Policies and procedures to decrease the risk of legal suits from employees and patients give you added protection in today’s litigious society. The Chiropractic Compliance Program is only for practices of 1-14 (sole practitioner, up to 14 people working in the clinic total).

Your old HIPAA manual is obsolete. We'll help you get compliant fast with our program, including forms, audit tools, training logs, and staff meeting agendas. 

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