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Client Focus:

Starting Points Consulting is focused on providing assistance to small healthcare operations, such as a one or two doctor clinic. Legal requirements are focused for offices with less than 15 employees. Numerous federal law requirements change at 15 employees. 


I. Compliance Assistance

a. Facility Risk Assessment

            On-site or Desk audit

b. Compliance Program Development

            Customized to each client

c. Compliance Program Audit and Review 

            On-site or Desk audit

II. Business Planning Assistance

a. Business Plan Development

            Based upon SBA requirements

b. Business Plan Review

III. Policy and Procedure Assistance

a. Operations Policy and Procedure Development

b. Operations Policy and Procedure Audit and Review

c. Human Resources Issues:  Hiring, firing, background checks, etc. 

IV. Disaster Recovery Planning Assistance

a. Disaster Recovery Plan Development

b. Disaster Recovery Plan Audit and Review

V. Employee Training Program Development

a. Cyber Security 

b. Compliance with HIPAA & HITECH

c. OSHA Safety Program

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