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OCCM Compliance Manual Sections

OCCM - Complete Compliance Manual by Section

Ready to customize with your practice info, print and implement!

Detail by Section:

1.  Operations Management and Administration Manual

a. Operations Management and Administration Policies and Procedures
i.   Delegations of Authority and Responsibilities.
ii.  Financial Management
iii. Physical Plant Operations
iiii. Records Management

b. Associated Forms (Master Copy)

2.  Compliance Manual

a. Compliance Policies and Procedures
i.   Patient Care Philosophy
ii.  Confidentiality and Information Security
iii.  Fraud and Abuse Prevention
iiii. Electronic/Digital Usage Procedures

b. Associated Forms (Master Copy)
c. Compliance Aspects Training Log (Billing, PHI Security, etc)
d. PHI Electronic Transmission Log (faxed or email)

3.   Human Resources Management Manual

a. Human Resources Policies and Procedures
i.   Professional Ethics
ii.  Recruitment of appropriate staff
iii. Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
iiii. Work Performance Standards including new hire training
iv. Benefits and Leave Procedures

b. Operations and Position Specific Training Log 
c. Associated Forms (Master Copy)

4.  Safety Manual (including requirements for OSHA)

a. Safety Policies and Procedures
i.   Safety Compliance
ii.  Emergency Procedures
iii.  Workplace Injuries  

b. Safety Review Log
c. Safety Issues (OSHA) Training Log
d. Associated Forms 

5.  Facility Program Launch and Audit Logs

a. Compliance Launch Checklist
b. Staff Meeting Prep Sheets and Agendas
b. Operations Review Checklist
c. Billing Operations Audits Log


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